Products and Materials

We are experienced ‘green’ builders and take pride in the variety of materials we work with. All our products are the highest quality and are carefully specified and inspected for your project.

Readily available wood types include Red and White Oak, Alder, Maple, Cherry, Beech, Vertical Grain Fir, Mahogany with more exotic woods available upon request. Almost all wood types are available as “rustic”, allowing knots, sapwood, and mineral steaks for added character.

Cabinet door styles are available in any wood or material. If you want to create a unique look of your own, door details can be altered to create a custom door style for your project.

Cabinet interiors are constructed from 3/4” plywood box with a soy-based glue plywood to create the strongest cabinet possible. All our materials and construction methods meet or exceed WI custom grade standards.

Available materials include Melamine, which is available in White and Hardrock Maple as well as many special order colors. Veneer plywood is available in Maple and all other wood species.

Drawers and drawer guides materials and hardware will hold up and serve you for the life of your cabinets. All material and drawer guide options are available in either residential or business product lines.

Drawer guide options include Integral full extension, drawer sides / guides, side mount, full extension, ball bearing guides, and Concealed bottom mount, full extension, soft close, ball bearing guides.

Construction Options

Our drawers are constructed with rabbited joints, which are an interlocking joint made by routing the ends of adjoining pieces. Dovetail joints are esthetically pleasing and available as an option but do not necessarily create a stronger joint.

Cabinet Accessories can improve function and accessibility. Pull out pantries and trash/recycle bins. Tip out trays and drawer inserts. Closet and desk organizers. All will greatly enhance a workspace.

We use Conversion Varnish that hardens by a chemical reaction much like automobile paint. While this costs more than traditional finishes it provides a lifetime finish of beauty and durability. We offer both clear and painted finishes, a standard color selection of stains and paints, custom color matching, and glazes, distressing, and antiquing elements.

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